Simply Polish - Normal To Dry Skin Cleanser

LE 310.00

SESH Simply Polish Hydrating Daily Cleanser is a creamy cleanser that thoroughly and effectively cleanses the skin packed with ingredients such as LPD Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and Centella that rebuild and protect the skin moisture barrier formulated for sensitive to dry skin. and powered by our patented

Simply Polish - Normal To Dry Skin Cleanser

SESH Simply Polish Hydrating Daily Cleanser is our signature creamy formula for dry to norma skin that thoroughly cleanses the skin from any dirt, impurities and excess oils for clean and refreshed skin. This cleanser is packed with ultra nourishing and hydrating ingredients that allows for deep and thorough cleansing while protecting the skin’s moisture barrier and providing long lasting hydration. This cleanser is designed with LPD Hyaluronic Acid nano particles notorious for their ability to penetrate the deeper skin layers for sustained moisture retention and radiance that last all day long. Simultaneously, LPD Hyaluronic acid also provides instant hydration and firming to the surface layers of the skin. This super hydrating formula also features Ceramides and Centella that combined with LPD Hyaluronic acid that lock in moisture to restore and repair the skin moisture barrier and overtime greatly reduce the appearance of fine lines. The cleanser is further built on a combination of natural oils (Squalane oil, Avocado Oil, Grape seed Oil, Flaxseed Oil and Soybean Oil) and hydrating agents (Aloe Vera, Honey and Chamomile) that work to calm and soothe the skin from any allergies, irritation or inflammation and prevent skin dehydration.

Main Functions:

  • Deeply cleanses and refreshes the skin.
  • Intensive hydration to combat skin dehydration 
  • Strengthens and protects skin moisture barrier.

Skin type: Normal to Dry skin

Hyaluronic acid  

  • Penetrates the deeper layers of the skin for increased moisture retention
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves the skin elasticity and tightness


  • Leaves the skin hydrated and firm.
  • Acts as a lipid barrier rebuilder helping the skin retain moisture, reducing dryness
  • Helps restore the skin’s natural ceramide levels

Centella Extract

  • Improves levels of skin hydration
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-Inflammatory

A light creamy texture that’s smooth on the skin and washes away any impurities, leaving the skin feeling clean and hydrated.

Apply two pumps onto wet hands and rub together to form a light lather. Massage thoroughly onto wet face and neck, rinse with lukewarm water. Use both in the morning and in the evening.

Aqua – Cetearyl alcohol – cetrimonium chloride – Citric acid – Disodium EDTA – Uniblend 2G(Ceramide II) – glycerin – Honey – D-panthenol – vitamin E – lpd hylauronic acid – Aloe vera extract – chamomile extract – centella extract – marine elastine – DMDM Hydantoin – grape seed oil – Linseed Seed Oil – Avocado Oil – Soybean Oil – Dunaliella salina extract – Squalane oil – fragrance